"Our goal is to provide a high level of service and peace of mind to our residential and commercial customers.

 We strive to break the pattern of people accepting mediocrity as excellence."
 Terry L. Mooneyham, President, The Handyman Company

The Handyman Company takes the safety of the customer very seriously. Comprehensive back-ground checks are performed on all employees. Standards of cleanliness and courtesy are maintained with signage on all vehicles, company issued uniforms, reviews of ethics and routine reviews of how the customer can be better served. A strict no smoking policy is enforced. It is the foremost goal that a sense of trust is established the moment the customer answers the door.  


We perform all work using an honest, upfront pricing format. Our Time + Materials billing ensures that you pay only for the time spent working on your home. Some larger projects requiring an estimate are discussed with the customer beforehand, saving time for both the homeowner and the cost conscious estimator.

The Handyman Company strives to take care of its customers in the same manner, and with the same integrity, that the customer has the right to expect; Phone calls are returned in a timely fashion. We show up at the job site ready to work in a professional manner. We know what we are doing. If we don't, we value the customer enough to be honest and refer them to another tradesman. Last, but not least, once the job is completed, we clean up after ourselves.



The Handyman Company is Springfield, Missouri's leading Handyman service provider. Established in 1988, The Handyman Company spans two centuries. With our roots firmly embedded in the Ozarks, we respect an honest day's work, a job well done. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Whether it is a little task that you don't have time to take care of or a larger project that you perhaps don't want to tackle, The Handyman Company is able to handle the job. Old World Craftsmanship with Yankee Ingenuity is one of the business's many hallmarks. With over a combined 75+ years of experience in over nine hundred different types of home repair and remodeling services, The Handyman Company is professional and reliable. Licensed and insured for your protection.




Serving the Springfield, Missouri area since 1988.