The  Handyman Company

Serving the Springfield, Missouri area since 1988.


      Attic floor                                         Handrails                                        Soffit
      Bathrooms                                       Hinges                                            Stair / steps   
      Bathtub                                            Hole in wall                                         attic
      Blinds                                               Interiors                                              deck
      Caulking                                          Jambs                                                 garage
      Ceiling repairs                                 Kitchen                                           Tile
      Closets                                            Light fixture                                        back splash
      Consulting                                       Linoleum                                            bathtub
      Counter-top                                     Mailbox                                              counter top
      Door                                                Mirror hung                                        floor
         cabinet                                         Newel post                                          shower
         dragging                                      Outbuilding repair                          Trellis
         knobs                                           Patio / deck                                   Trim
         pet                                                    screening                                      chair rail
         repaired                                       Plastic under house                           exterior
         replaced                                      Power washing                                    interior
         shower                                        Quarter round                                     window
         storm / screen                             Ramps                                            Unusual stuff
      Drywall patched                              Remodeling                                    Vents
      Eaves                                             Repairs                                                bathroom
      Exteriors                                         Rotten wood                                         dryer
      Fans                                               Shelves                                                soffit
         attic                                                  attic                                            Weather strip
         ceiling                                               basement                                  Windows
      Fascia                                                 closet                                              replaced
      Floors                                                  garage                                            repaired
      Gates & fences                               Shower / bathtub                                  sills
      Glazing                                                rebuilt                                       Wood working
      Grab bars                                            repaired                                    X - tra things
      Grout                                              Shutters                                        Yard work 
      Gutters cleaned                              Siding repaired                             Zee other items
                             The Handyman  Company                   (417) 886-9654   


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